DIY Cookie Jar Arrangement


We all know someone who has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder). You can simply tell someone has OCD if he/she’s obsessed with cleaning and having things symmetrical/ in perfect order. Well, my mom has OCD – growing up I always think that her hobby is doing house cleaning (like literally).

But you know what, being married and having my own space somehow makes me “a little bit” OCD.  Ideally I just want everything inside the apartment to look perfect & clean, especially when we have guests coming over. I guess married life comes with a greater responsibility, huh?

So while browsing though my social media, I came across a picture of Khloe Kardashian’s cookie jar arrangement. It somehow went viral & people started to follow her OCD styling tips. and so did I.

I tried myself, and I’m so happy with the result! It’s super duper easy and it looks so damn cute! Here’s the tutorial for Khlo-cd inspired cookie jar arrangement.

Stuffs you need:

  • 8 packs of original Oreo cookies (pretty sure you can find these anywhere)
  • 1 large glass jar with lid (I got mine at Lotte Mart, Gandaria City for Rp 100.100, – it’s a steal!)
  • a bit of patience goes along the way! (:


  1. First, make sure the jar is clean. Find the perfect glass jar might be a challenge. I tried searching at Ace Hardware, Informa, Hero, and so on, but still couldn’t find the right (read: affordable) jar. The diameter needs to be big enough and it needs to be modern looking. To cut short, I found my perfect jar at Lotte Mart Gandaria City at the discounted area for only Rp 100.100 (USD 9) – what a steal, right? I immediately bought 3 of those jars for my snack & detergent storage (*tutorial coming soon).
  2. Buy enough oreo cookies to fill inside the jar. My jar is approximately 20cm in diameter & it takes 8 packs of oreo cookies to fill out the whole jar. Please note that you’re not actually filling the whole jar – only on the inner side of the glass jar. I’ll show you some pictures so you get the idea.
  3. Open the lid of the jar. Start placing the first layer of oreos  on the inner side of the glass jar. For the second layer, you want to place the oreo on between 2 oreos from the first layer, creating alternation so it looks neat. Make sure to do the same thing for the 3rd, 4th, 5th layer and so on. Keep alternating & make sure you have even spacing between oreos.
  4. Keep filling the glass jar with oreos until it reaches almost to the lid. And voila, you’re done!

1 empty glass jar & 8 packs of oreo cookie


Arrange the oreo cookies on the inner side of the glass jar – leaving the middle part empty




awesome way to showcase your snacks!

Now remember, your cookies will turn bad in a month, so make sure to empty your jar at the end of every month, cause who wants to eat bad oreos?