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02-18 (1)

Another monthly favs! Here are my top picks from this month:


[Mango Black Denim Jacket – IDR 599.000]

I’m a bit picky when it comes to denim jackets. There are tons of options out there, but finding the right fitted one is usually based on pure luck, lol. It’s either a hit or miss. This black denim jacket is currently one of my go-to outerwears.. very well-fitted & it has inner pockets to store your cellphone (also can be used to sneak your snacks into the movie theatre, if you wish)!


[Mercy for Animals by Nathan Runkle – IDR 378.000 Periplus Online]

If you’re curious on what’s happening inside farmed animals factory, read this book. It exposes farmed animal cruelty from some of the biggest meat & poultry producers in the world. Various undercover footage stories makes it more surreal, eye-opening, and horror – all at the same time.


[Bibigo Crispy Dumplings Kimchi & Tofu – IDR 65.000 Grand Lucky Senopati]

Been craving for some crispy dumplings/ kwotie… but since I don’t eat meat anymore, I have to find other options. I even tried youtube-ing “how to make vegetarian potstickers” but meh, I found it too complicated & time consuming to actually make it from scratch HAHA. So then I tried this frozen vegetarian potstickers from Bibigo and it taste ah-ma-zing! Definitely gonna stock up these goodies in my fridge.


[Cultured Vegan Butter, Vegan Mozzarella Cheese, Vegan Parmesan Cheese by Madre – IDR 65,000 Club Sehat]

Sooo starting from this year, I decided to go ‘vegan for a day’ on valentine’s day. I suppose since valentine is all about love, why not celebrate it with veganism (#CrueltyFree)! I then successfully convinced my husband to have a vegan valentine’s dinner & we ended up celebrating val’s with some home-cooked vegan baked lasagna & crispy mushrooms, cooked using these vegan condiments. Taste okay tbh, but most importantly, you feel like you’re making a difference, even just a little 🙂


[WACOM Intuos Art Black Pen & Touch Tablet – IDR 1.830.000 Mangga Dua] 

Okay, I’ve been taking digital imaging classes for the past few weeks. As a beginner, I opted to buy this small wacom tablet because it’s portable & compatible for both Mac/Windows. Very useful if you’re into digital art 🙂

That’s all for February.. see you next month!
Also, thanks for taking your time to read my blog 🙂